People were in panic, they misbehaved but we understand

Sunny Sha
Written by Sunny Sha

Delay and obstacles are for the good things . For the bad ones everything get arranged within a blink of eyes. Same thing happened with our relief and rehabilitation camp to Sindhupalchowk.

Earthquake has shaken everyone’s mind, body and soul. At the time when all the Kathmandu dwellers were fleeing to outside the valley in search of some safe place to live, some youths with full of courage and feeling of selfless service carried out a mission to help the people affected in the places like Sindhupalchowk.

We were a team of five very enthusiastic and courageous youths. After a delay of around 24 Hours everything were arranged. With positive feelings and attitude our trip started from Baneshwor, Kathmandu.

We had not decided our specific place in Sindhupalchowk. Bandeo was the place to decide where to go further. After lots of discussion and brainstorming Chautara/Nawalpur was fixed as our destination.

We were told that we were being escorted to that place by the army personnel but much to our surprise they left us on the way without giving us any idea. We were confused, anxious and alert at the same time. And as per expected we were surrounded by a mob. With an excuse of protesting against a fair hike they were trying to enter our vehicle. With the help of patience and skills of conflict management we were successful to get over them.

Against all the odds we finally reached to our supposed destination- Bus park, Chautara. Trust me on this if I say it was a no man place. No doubt it is city with houses made of concrete and bricks but let me assure you no one will love or dare to live in those houses. I mean the place was affected real badly.

Our plan was to go to Nawalpur few km from Chautara but odds were not in our favor. According to some locals we couldn’t make it to the Nawalpu since the road was blocked. So we decided to stay at CDO of Chautara, where we could be secured and distribute the things we got, there. It was not easy as it seemed. Path was blocked from Bus-park to CDO. Thanks to our driver who was really irritated and frustrated who made a real hard effort to get us to our place.

We were helped by the local administration and army personnel without whom were n a real danger that night. So we stayed in our bust that night. After outer short half belly dinner we decided to go on a walk to a nearby place  alled Tudikhel where some people of Chautara were getting shelter. Our motive was to decide whether they need our help or not. Much to our surprised they were like living in a comfort. They were staying under tents given by the Red-cross. We came to a conclusion that it won’t be fruitful to distribute the relief to those guys. So we decided to returned and go to some other place where the people were in real need.

Thumpakhar VDC was our place after a long discussion. We left the Chautara around 3 A.M. in the morning. It was 28 km from the Bandeo. We reached there with great hope that finally we got our destination. We planned to make Shree Mahendr-odaya Higher Secondary School as our place to serve from. We were warmly welcomed by the coordinator of the school Mr. Bijay. For the first times in that tour me along with all others were feeling safe and secured.

School was nice and huge. We had some discussions on how to start. We come to a plan that we will set up a medical stall first. In doing so we will assess the people for what they actually wanted. We had foods, Tents, Clothes and medicines. Everything was going as per plan. Around 250 people were assessed for their health. They seemed happy and satisfied by the service of our medical team. Side by side they were given food too.

A decision was made that we need to visit the place where people were living so that we could assess who are in real need of tents. We did the same. We went to a village name Karkaley which was more severely affected as compared to others. Against our thought we didn’t have a warm welcome. They were complaining about the food items we served. That it was not good and abundant. That we made a mockery in the name of service. We handle the situation and defend ourselves uiet well. Then we tell them our motive to be there . we asked them to give us the name of the families so that we could distribute the tents accordingly. We took the list and returned. We start preparation. We cut the mattress. There were 26 families in Karkaley. They came on time. By then it was 7 PM. It was dark. We were about to complete the task when a mob of 15-20 people attacked us throwing everything here and there. We were effected physically mentally and psychologically by their hooliganism. We were saved by Mr.Bijay and his team.

Some of our team members could not stand it and broke into tears. We decide to leave the next morning as 80% of our job was fulfilled. We hand-over the remaining stuffs to Mr.Bijay and left the next morning straight to Kathmandu.

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