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Just back yet ready for the next: Sujit Jha

Sujit Jha
Written by Sujit Jha

As soon as earthquake took place in I started wondering how to help victims. I started travelling to different places in Kathmandu to help people but didn’t find place to help them. Wherever visited with my friends I found all the people with capacity to fulfill their demands and survive at their own. I came back to my house talk to my cousin about my desire to help earthquake hit victims doesn’t matter even if I have to go out of valley to  help them. Then he suggested me to visit youth organization called Association of Youth Organization Nepal (AYON). Soon I got the contact number and given call to the number and share my desire to help the victim. In reply, I asked to visit the office next day in first hour. On reaching at office I came to know that I am going to Sindhupalchok with the relief and medicine materials. Then I called to my friend who was also interested to go for. Then formed a team with friends which comprises of medical personnel and other field people.

We were initially routed for Barahbise of Sindhupalchok. Soon got information that the road was blocked due to landslides. then our routed was shifted towards Nawalpur of Sindhupalchok because no team had been reached there. So we rush to our destination with all the supplies we have for the victims. After reaching to a place Bandauw, from where we have to take a turn to reach Nawalpur via Chautara. From police personnel we came to know that there is obstruction on the way by the people and there were high chances to be robbed by the victims. Police personnel scouted our team up to Saga Chowk from where we have to go at our own risk. We were ready for the consequence as our team was determined to reach the destination place.

On the way, at a place Irkhu we were nearly robbed. But fortunately we were able to escape from there safely. In the evening we reached to Chautara, where we talked to police personnel were we came to know that even they were robbed by the victims from their office area. But still we were so much determined with our work that even in such condition we were confidence of reaching to the destination place. Then we enquire about the route to Nawalpur, they told us that they were also not sure about the route but were confidence that the route was danger to go during night time with continuous rainfall. But the good news for us that they had given us permission to keep our vehicle in their premises. At the end of the conversation they suggest us to be safe distribute the stuffs to the victims who were residing near the CDO Office in open space.

We were even enquired by the victims about the stuffs in the vehicle; we just told them there were medical stuffs in it. To make sure we put all the medical stuffs near the window so that even if they will look at they would find medical stuffs only. We also visited the victims to see whether they really need for the stuffs. But found they had enough stuffs for time being. During the night we came with the decision to get out from the place as earlier as possible, and to Thumpakhar VDCs, which again we have to come across to the same place where we were almost robbed.

We moved for the Thumpakhar VDC, early in the morning at 3:00 am to avoid the victim’s presence at Irkhu. We reached to Thumpakhar in the morning. There with the help of local people who really wants to help the victim’s who wants the help for survival are really. On the day we also provide victims with medical assistance. Around 250+ victims were served on the day. Meanwhile, some politicians also dropped around 20 tents in the area. Strong people even get up to 3 tents while weak one even didn’t get one. After medical assistance we went to visit place called Karkale where nearly all the house were destroyed. We talked with the local people about damage caused by earthquake. We found 26 household destroyed at Karkale.

We distributed about 22 tents and blankets then the twist came around. Some local people vandalize  the relief works. Fortunately our team was able to escape from the condition. There local guy naming Vijay had helped us to make the environment tension free. Our team was initially too frightened to saw the rudeness of the people but later realize that all people needs support by any means. We returned back to Kathmandu the next morning and team is ready to go to other place again to support earthquake hit victims in the area were no support is still reached.

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