Echoing the humanity: kudos to as how we stand all united!

Written by Pratap Adhikari

Written by: Pratap Adhikary 

By now we all understand the nature of disaster we are facing and the talks related to it. It’s time when youths united to volunteer for the people and the nation in order to ease the crisis. There is so much to learn with #act4quake team (a joint effort of AYON and CYSU) and understanding how youth can really bring change in the developing nation like us. It’s an example of a kind as how so many youths came together voluntarily and strongly with determination and then made a team with strategy and operated in managed way.

It’s just the mere smile we share standing upon the merge to share it, understand it.


I along with a volunteer friend teaming with two volunteers from Sindhupalchowk headed towards Baruwa VDC to distribute the relief materials (Rice, lentil and tents) for #act4quake. We headed towards our destination in afternoon and reached there on same night travelling through twisted muddy roads which wasn’t in good shape. It took long time than what we expected. The truck driver was scared to stay in terrorized area so we unloaded the truck with the help of villagers and then the truck left for Melamchi following the dark paths on hills.

We saw Nepalese Army and Police personnel staying in tent and helping people in any way they can. Later we came to know that for now they are helping to remove debris from the fallen houses, fixing electricity and helping to distribute relief materials in appropriate way.

Early in the morning we had a meeting with the Relief Distribution Committee and local people and then distributed the materials as per the need of 5 wards in the village. It’s good to see that the people are prepared by now and has formed Relief Distribution Committee. They really know how to do it and catch up with changing scenario in our community. In fact the people gathered to get what their people have come up with for them and it’s just unique considering the time and situation. It’s the culture we stand by so deep rooted within us. It’s just the mere smile we share standing upon the merge to share it, understand it.

The nature will act by the way it is, it’s us human who need to understand how we can mitigate and adopt with the dynamic environment. That’s what we are known from the ancient time and whole evolution process. Just the name of the calamities might differ by name and by our own understanding.

Its high time when we need to act as a whole and become united and belief in the team work. Then nothing seems to way beyond to be understood or continue the legacy we have been carrying all through. Till we survive it’s not that hard what we have been doing and we can always have that extra mile added just to make ourselves adapted to our own species.

It’s just a string which has been holding our whole way of civilization and how we can get better to thrive and achieve better life and get recorded for better civilization only if we foresighted our world to be as it is.

The talk of relief and support has been common and by now; we understand it as it is. We expect it to come by the term and understand as it is and by that means only it is possible to tackle the situation like this. We need to respect the effort of each individual, encourage each other and more importantly have patience and trust each other. It’s time to get united and stand in a row to support humanity what we all have been working for and ease the life around and build much stronger Nepal.

There is more to come and more to defense for its just present what would turn in to history and will determine how much humanity is alive and how we will respond to it beyond the entire social, economic and political boundary we have erected.

When working with an institution let’s focus what we are doing as an individual rather than what institution is doing.


The government isn’t individual it’s a concept of which we all are part of and we all are responsible to run it in more efficient way. When working with an institution let’s focus what we are doing as an individual rather than what institution is doing. That way we can strengthen the capacity of an institution and it will definitely ease the functioning process in the future as an established organisation.

Kudos to humanity and kudos to as how we stand all united.

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